Making the list block a bit more sophisticated (to function as a (sub)menu card)

Dear Softr,

Backgroud for my request:
My use case is an online configurator of houses - for which I need to drill down approximately 300 options into something that doesn’t overwhelm the user… I’ve already managed to come quite a long way with the use of:

  • screen 1: a Main menu (showing 9 categories) which each drill down to options
  • screen 2: a Options menu (approximately 5 options for each categorie on average)
  • screen 3: this options menu drills down further into multiple specifications that users can choose.
    You can look at this like a Dominos pizza configurator on steroids :slight_smile:
    To give you a further impression I added two screen shots.

This lay out requires the user to open/load 2 pages (just to navigate) before they arrive at the place where they can actually make their choices.

Request: can you make a menu (tiles with pictures/text) that interactively open submenus (without having to load another webpage or reload the same webpage)?
Something like this would be nice: