Make Table Block's "label" row (aka header row) wrap text

Hello all! Is it possible to make the “label” row (aka header row) of the New Table Block wrap text + maybe increase height to account for the wrapped text? The way it currently works (only being able to take up one line and cutting off if the '“table label” width becomes too small) makes it really hard to save horizontal space on my tables when I’m trying to make everything fit without a horizontal scroll.

Below shows an example of the table I’m working on. I’m not sure how well I explained this, so please let me know if I can answer any questions to make my question more clear!

Hi @delaney. At the moment, it not possible to wrap the text or add height to the Label however, even If you decrease the width you will still be able to expand the field by clicking on it on the published app.
Nevertheless, I will go ahead and add this as a feature request so that the engineering team can give an optimal solution to it in the future.