Make record editable only by the user who owns it - Free plan

I’m working on sort of a portal where a user can manage their own public page. That is, they have a page on my site that displays their content and is viewable by anyone. I also want to give the user a way to edit that content, which means editing the underlying records in Airtable. But only the specific user who owns the record should be able to edit it - not the public, not all logged in users, and not a group of users.

I get the sense that this can only be done using paid features, like row-level permissions. I’ve explored the visibility options on edit record buttons, on blocks, and on pages, and I haven’t found a way to do this on the Free plan. Am I missing anything?


Hi there, I am looking to do the same. I was wondering if you found a solution for this?

Hi - nope, I haven’t found a solution, I have just had to hold off on providing this functionality to my users.

You can try conditional filters so each user sees their own records and then define editing on those records

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