Make List Block to not show information before searching


I am trying to make a portal where job candidates can enter their ID code in the search bar, and can see what is the status of their process.

I have the database in Airtable, I have been using both List Blocks and Table Blocks to create it, but since both are connected to the candidates database, I always get at least one candidate’s information.

Is there any way to: a) make the list not show information until the person puts his information in the search bar? and b) disable the pagination or load more button so that the list only shows the information after the search is done?

I am relatively new to this, I do not know if it can be done with a custom code?


Each candidate will have their own unique login credentials/MagicLink, yes? Use Softr’s functionality to show candidate’s data that is unique to them, following your Airtable data structure. You may not need them to enter their ID code at all.

Enjoy using Softr’s amazing powers!

Hey @carlosrubi,

What you need can be done via custom code, please check this thread > List Block Enhancement

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