Make it more difficult to delete apps

It is currently too easy to delete apps. An accidental deletion might occur and would cause a lot of pain. The UI/UX is problematic since the duplicate and deletes are quite close.

I think backups of apps in the form of “Trash” (like in Gmail and much other software) or anything else, as well as a UI that makes it harder to delete an app, is necessary.

Deleting apps follows the usual standard, a popup window asks for confirmation before deleting the app.

I believe, if you truly regret an app deletion, you can contact support to help you get it back.

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Hey @ob95,

This is in our to do list, we think of making the app deletion process harder, perhaps you will see an input to write your app URL to be able to press Delete button.

Thanks for the feature request :slight_smile:

It sounds logical, and I tend to agree. However, bad things happen sometimes. If the support team can get it back - no problem. But what is the backup time limit? (a day, week, month, year?)
What if we accidentally deleted an app we have worked on and realized it after five days?
I know I might be paranoid, but I have to, unfortunately, because we would like to have many apps, and take some work to get them to their shape.

Your suggestion sounds good to me; it is done so in Webflow. The only concern is to know what is how far apps are backed up.

Hey @ob95,

Softr does backup daily of the application structure so in case of emergencies it can restore back.

This backup is not meant to be shared with clients and it’s in a format that only Softr codebase can understand and restore.

This is great Suzie, I am convinced and more relaxed now. Thank you

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