Magic link + next page parameter do not work

Hey there,

we have defined user group specific pages after signin in the standard app settings.

Additionally, we want to email in some scenarios magic deep links to our users which lead them to other pages than the standard pages after signin which we have defined for the different user groups.

Problem: The “magic link&next-page=/page-path” does not work anymore, i.e. all these magic links+next page URLs get redirected to the standard user-group specific page which we have defined as standard after signin.

Any idea how to change this?

Hi alexs and welcome to the Softr community!

Can you post an example link that uses the next-page querystring parameter that is not working? I am wondering if perhaps you’re using a & when you need to be using a ? in the URL.

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Thanks for taking this David.

Here comes the link:

@alexs thanks for sharing. I think this was conflicting with global redirect rules on user group level. We had an update 10 mins ago and I think this should be addressed. BTW would suggest DM-ing the magic links and not putting publicly here.

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yep, i had a lot of trust and have regenerated the link now;)

thanks for the update!

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