Looking for a Mastermind Group & built an Upwork for SMEs as "Student as a Service"

Dear Community,

I hope you all are well! I’d like to share a special request with you today: I am looking for like-minded individuals who are willing to exchange ideas and support each other in a Mastermind Group. My main interest lies in building business models, which are developed until proof of concept is reached or until a product-market fit is achieved with an ideal customer profile, and then successfully selling the business model.

In order to successfully structure such a group, I am looking for members who have already gained initial experience in founding companies and have generated initial revenues. It’s important to me that we focus on automation and involve the founder as little as possible in the operational business in order to achieve a high value when selling the business model.

If any of you are already part of such a Mastermind Group and are looking for new participants, I would be very happy to receive a message. I am also grateful for recommendations if you know someone who would fit into such a group.

I look forward to your feedback and to being successful together with you.

Best regards,

P.s. I am currently helping SMEs in solving their business challenges by matching them with academics on a project basis, aka "Upwork for SMEs and “Student as a Service” → https://www.academic-solutions.de :v:

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Hi @Edin

You posted this some time ago so not sure if you’re still looking to start this or have already joined a group but I would be interested in this!


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Hi Cathy, thanks for your reply! I am still open to collaborating if you are interested. Let’s have a virtual coffee and get to know. Please send me your availability and I will send us a Zoom invite over my email edinzolj(add)gmx(dot)de. I am looking forward to our conversation and wish you a great day. Best from Zurich, Edin