Logo spacing In Partner Blocks

Hi there… not sure if it’s a “bug” but there really isn’t a way to add spacing to logo’s in the partner block. As a workaround, I end up having to either a) find a different shape logo or b) add an empty logo to create a space.

Would be cool if there was a way to universally space/size all the logos, or add a spacing/padding to each logo.

Curious to hear your thoughts.


Hey @ayman can you pls share a link to check ? It should be auto-spacing

Hey @artur! Sure: https://miguelina843.softr.app (WIP). Thanks!

Dear @ayman can you please add a new “Partner with sliding logos” block and check again? Please make sure not to duplicate the existing block as I need to make sure that the issue is not in the block version you use.

Hi Marine,

I did that (sorry for the delay), but I’m still not able to add padding between logos.

Dear @ayman, then, can you please share a URL to the page with this block so that we can check and help you?

@Marine.Hovhannisyan same as above. It’s the top block. https://miguelina843.softr.app/