Logo breaks the header bar

Hey guys, I wanted to use the default header (I think it’s about 50px height) and replaced the placeholder image with my own logo. Then the header jumps to appr. 170 px height and lays on top of my content.

Screenshot 2022-10-08 at 15.17.16

I tried it with fixed/not fixed, top/left orientation and several image heights. It’s a bug, right?

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Can you try adjusting the top margin or padding of the bottom block by increasing it? And verify if everything is ok both on desktop view and mobile view.

@Suzie may be bug report

@matthieu_chateau Thanks for your quick response. Didn’t try it, because other image dimensions did work. Seems like the scaling doesn’t work with square images like my logo.

Are there a recommended dimensions? With my image being 2000x397 it seems to work almost fine.

Screenshot 2022-10-08 at 15.37.53

Well, my logo is 1400X400 (if I remember well). If you play with the size of the logo inside Softr studio, you will have multiple good choices available, depending on how big you want your logo to be.
Anyway, your issue is not strictly a bug. Any no-code tool needs a correct basic size for the logo (or picture) to be correctly visible.

Don’t know excatly what are the standards for a logo size format but try a 7:2 format (1400 x 400 for my use case)

Important : my logo is a text, so it is longer than large (way more). But it should work for you too

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Thanks for clarification Matthieu! :100:

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I will try to check this on my end and will keep you posted @christian_k.

@matthieu_chateau thanks for mentioning :slight_smile:

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Fix is coming tomorrow. There will be one quick fix tomorrow and then we will take time to improve all the sizing long term

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@christian_k should be fixed. Now you can change the size and adjust as you need


AMAZING :partying_face: thanks for this quick fix, it works now for my square logo! :clap:

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You are welcome, @christian_k :star_struck: