Logged-in user information different between customizable forms and conditional filters

I am trying to save information from a logged-in user but there are only 3 fields, email, name and id. I would like to see other fields from users table (airtable). Whereas, when I want to filter data I can use all the fields in the users table. I do not know why is there this difference and if there would be any other possible solution?

Hi @Salvi-Alacer. In case of Form as well you can collect any other Users table field information besides these 3 with a hidden field by inserting it in a Custom Value field just like it it mentioned here

Hi Maria,
Sorry, may I did not explain correctly. I would need another field from a users table that is not available at that point. We only have these 3 logged-in user fields, but I would need another field that I do not understand why is not visible, whereas you can find without problems when you are filtering data.

@Salvi-Alacer this will be addressed next week