Loading site shows something else for few seconds

I have just built allofclimate.com
when i open the website… for half a second it displays the sign up form… and then the normal website is loaded, opening the home page.
what is this?? how to get rid of this?

Hey @yashashvi,

I just checked the website and noticed that you have many blocks that have not been updated. Can I please ask you to update the blocks, publish and double check?


Hi Suzie… i have updated all the blocks… I am still facing that issue…
Do you also see a signup window for a second when the site is loaded???
Please suggest a way out…

I see @yashashvi,

I have saved the website, I will check this with the tech team on Monday and will keep you posted.

Hey Suzie… any leads. Still the problem persists.

I have the right solution for you.

Yes, some of the Softr blocks have this behaviour. They seem to be loaded first on page load.
I created this code for this particular case (among others).

You can find all the details here: Clean UX on page load: Add a loading screen in your app pages in order to not see the blocks being re-arranged

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Hello @yashashvi,

I still can see that you are using older versions of the block. Please, go to Home page and try to update all the blocks you have on the homepage.

This should fix this behaviour.

Thank you so much @matthieu_chateau

@Suzie how do I do that?
Do I delete each block and then add them and configure them back individually or is there a way to do it easily?

Hey @yashashvi,

If you click on the block you should see an available update at the bottom. If they are too old, you should create them again.

Can you please try to update the Hero1 and List 4 blocks?

Hey @Suzie I deleted and rebuilt Hero and List but the problem still persists.
For now, I am using @matthieu_chateau code, which seems to mask the issue.
Thanks again Mattieu

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