Live Now: Softr Ambassador Program 🌎

Hi Ya’ll!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Ambassador Program! :rocket:


As an ambassador, you’ll collaborate closely with our community and company to help others learn Softr, make new friends, and more.

A big shout-out to our first 8 ambassadors :earth_americas:

Matthieu Chateau - @matthieu_chateau (Paris, France)
Caio Calderari - @calderaricaio (São Paulo, Brazil)
Sahil Kosla - @sahilkhosla (Toronto, Canada)
Shenal Harakh - @shenal (Sydney, Australia)
Doc Williams - @doc (Washington, DC)
Jonathan Pineda - @acjnas (Bogotá, Colombia)
Christian Peverelli (Los Angeles, CA)
David Bracho (Xalapa, Mexico).

This program is our first step towards giving you all more resources and support to make a bigger impact. Together, we will continue to build and expand upon this program in the coming months, providing even more opportunities for our community in the future.

If interested in learning more about the program, click here :point_right:t2: The Softr Ambassador Program

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me. Otherwise, we hope this is another great step forward for our community :raised_hands:t2: