Listing Details Airtable

I have several items/listings on my main page but list details display information of THE FIRST listing only. For all different items I have details that belong to the first item only

Hey MariaRaf,

That’s precisely how list details work, showing only the information of one record on your table.

The good thing to know is that you only need to format one list details layout on softr studio, and then every individual record will follow that structure.

if you wish to list the information for several records on the same page, you better use a ‘list’ block, instead of list details.

Thanks for reply. How exactly do I need to formal one list details layout as for the moment every record displays the details of the first listing only? The problem is that each infdividual record don’t follow the structure and extract the information of the first block only.

NOTE: listing details are visible to logged-in users only

Hey Maria!

You can try these steps:

  1. On your list-details page add two list-details blocks
  2. Format the first block as usual to display the details of your item. and set the block’s visibility to hidden
  3. On the second list-details block, make sure when you are on the configuration ‘source’ tab
    To add a conditional filter that targets precisely one unique condition from the first item you wish to show for every accessed record.

Try this approach and let me know.