Liste of available values


In the Hidden field document, there are a couple of useful values, such as

I’ve surely missed it: is there a documentation page with all the values we can access and use?

Use case :

  • create a form to add an entry to a betting list, linked to the match list with a record id
  • use values to display to the name of the match
  • use values to check if there is not already an entry

I think I could add data the URL to get what I did, but :

  • It’s too cumbersome
  • I don’t know yet how to add custom values to the links used in Softr

hidden field ref. :


Hi @Fwoued thank you very much for using Softr <3 You are correct, this is the Help Documentation where you’ll find the values used in the hidden field.

In the case of adding values to the URL links, you can collect those values using the URL parameter with the following format: {URL_PARAM:a_name_of_param} Note that instead of the a_name_of_param you’ll need to specify the name of the parameter you wish to get. You will learn more in the above mentioned Help Doc.

Thank you so much Marine for your feedback.

So far as I understand, variable values are only accessible with the hidden field.

For example, I would like to add a parameter to a link.
A Link in a page,
with the following external URL

Would it be possible?

Many thanks for your support

Hi there!
This is possible by arranging your Airtable table.
I don’t know your exact use case but here is how you can do it:

  1. You have a custom form in Softr. Within that form, use a hidden field with {LOGGED_IN_USER:EMAIL} as a value. (See screenshot1)

  2. Link this value to an email field (can be a single line text field too) in Airtable called “end slug” (see screenshot2 to view how the table would be setup)

  3. Create a second field in Airtable called “formula dynamic url”. This will be a formula field. It will create the url you want. (See screenshot3)

Now you can use this formula field and the option “link to an external url” of any button of any dynamic block (list and list details for example).

PLease, note that I don’t know what you exactly want to do (like the complete process) so I’m not sure that adding “?emailadress” to the url slug would be of anyhelp to you.



Thank you very much @matthieu_chateau for the detailed description of the workaround!

@Fwoued you’re always welcome! Matthieu’s mentioned steps should help you build your URL link (of course depending on your use case).

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Hi Matthieu

Thanks a lot for your support, and the smart solution that helped me half the way :smiley:

The other half is about how we can use data from URL parameters in the Softr page.

For example, In the CONDITIONAL FILTERS for a page, I don’t know if I can only use the list of user’s variables (with the dropdown), or more parameters, whether Softr Url parameters or any parameters.

As I’ve seen that we can use ?filter-by-fieldName=fieldValue to filter page by URL (which is pretty cool), I’m thinking that only a specific list of Softr Url parameters can be used.

Here is the use case I’m working on :

I’m building a project listing with basic info (on the main table) and extended info depending on the type of project (on a secondary table).

I want to display the data of a project with:
1/ a list detail block for the basic info
This is simple as Softr automatically uses the project ID to retrieve and display the data.

2/ a list detail block for the extended info
Not so simple :confused:

I tried the following :

Querying the extended table on Project ID is URL_PARAM:recordedID, but it doesn’t display anything


“Project ID” is a lookup to the main table, to a formula field with “record_id()”

I also try with the field “project” (direct relation to the main table) without success

Unfortunately I cannot use {URL_PARAM:recordId} in the value field of the conditional filter :confused:

Edit : ok I’ve looked at the doc and indeed there are only two options static data or dynamic data from users. Not sure there is a turnaround here.

Filtering page by page url param is only when you send a message from outside the softr app. Like you have a prospect. This prospect is only interested by one type of informations. You contact this prospect by Twitter, let’s say, you send him/her the link with url param, then, he.she will land to the page url with the right informations.

For what you want to do, I would advise to use two buttons inside your primary list block, one leading to a first page with the first list details block and an other leading to a second page with the second list details block.

For UX benefits, you can play with the option “open modal when item click” to lead to one of the information type (the popup is, anyway, a page), and a normal button to lead to an other information type (all this inside your primary list block) to be opened as a normal page.

But, let’s add someone that might be of a help for your use case, if he is available = @SonNguyen



Thanks a lot for your lightning fast feedback.

Not sure the two buttons will do, as I’m using two tables (and the linksof the buttons will invisibly carry the
ID of the main table, and still not the ID of the linked table).
It’s a bit frustrating that you can not override the conditional filters.

For now, I think the best I can do is to use only one table (that I wanted to avoid simply editing)

Once I’ve something clean, I will share it in a new post, the use case will be more complete.

Anyway thanks again for your help