List with Timeline: Character limit in rich text field?

This block has had a character limit for a while and I’ve just been working around it and keeping my text short, but it seems the limit was decreased further with a recent update so more of my text is getting cut off. I haven’t found anything that specifically defines what the limit is. I’ve poked around in settings on Softr and on Airtable and can’t seem to find any option to set or change this character limit.

A live example can be seen here: and I’m attaching a screenshot of the “behind the scenes” set up in the studio.

I would love to hear if anyone has ideas on how to fix this.

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Hey @JO_WCT,

Will need to do a few checkups regarding this, I will keep you posted once I have an update regarding this.

Thanks for looking into this, Suzie. Have you been able to sole the mystery of the shrinking character limit?

Hey @JO_WCT,

Yes I managed to check with the team. There is a limitation, we allow displaying 10 lines for each item description.

@Suzie I’ve been trying to rework my app with the 10-line limit in mind, but it still seems inconsistent. I have one entry that cuts off after 4 lines, the next cuts off at 5 lines, the most I’ve seen is 6 lines. Is there a way to specifically report this issue and request tech support to investigate further?

Hey @JO_WCT,

Thanks for your response, I will make sure to double check this and will keep you posted.

Is there a quick fix to add “read more” or just show the whole item description please? Many thanks!

Hey @JO_WCT,

Just to clarify, is your text more than 10 lines and you still see 4 or 6 lines displayed?

It is hard to say because the formatting is not the same between AirTable and Softr so there’s no way to know how many lines my text actually is. It is fair to say that some of my text is over 10 lines and needs to be edited down, which is impossible to do without the reliable preview on the Softr side.