List of records or a conditional filter doesn't specify a record to show on page details.”

Good morning. My comment´s give me a error : List of records or a conditional filter doesn’t specify a record to show on page details.” What is it?

Hi @mareko96
Looks like there is a misconfiguration of List Details block or you don’t access it properly.
Let me clarify how the list detail works. The purpose of the list detail is to display data for each individual record. To achieve this, we need a way to identify each record, and there are two methods for accomplishing this.

  1. Using the List Block: The list detail block should work in conjunction with the list block. When a user clicks on an item in the list block, the list detail block’s page is triggered, and the system identifies that the user has clicked on that specific item. As a result, the list detail block displays the data corresponding to that particular record. For this you need to be sure that list and list details is connected to the same table and you access List details page by clicking on the list item.
  2. Conditional Filtering: Another way to identify and display specific records is through conditional filtering. The data is filtered based on two conditions: the logged-in user and whether the logged-in user’s data matches the condition with the data present in the data source. If there is a match, the list detail block filters and shows only one record that is relevant to the logged-in user. So you need to make sure that you are logged in when accessing List Details page.

For more detailed information, I recommend checking out the documentation provided below:
List Block Overview: Link
List Detail Block Overview: Link Item on Click Action: Link