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Hi everyone,
I have an application with a list block that shows the items in an airtable. When a user clicks on an item, a modal page it’s oppened with a list details block showing the info of this record.
Is there a way to count the times that each item it’s visited? For example, a counter field in the table that each time that the record it’s oppened, adds 1 to the counter for this row?

Thanks in advance.


Hey @jordiausio , I have the same problem maybe the softr team can help us :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, we do not have such an analytical tool integrated natively in Softr. However, you can connect, for ex., Google Analytics to collect such data. You will need to follow the steps described here to be able to configure it: Google Analytics – Softr Help Docs

Thanks for this @Marine.Hovhannisyan. I’m new to Analytics and, now that I’m getting real traffic, would love to see how to get analytics on which items within a list details page are being viewed. Is data collected on that by default (and maybe I am just struggling to find it in Analytics) or is there something else I need to do to ensure Softr and Analytics are talking to each other properly? Any documentation or pointers on that would be hugely helpful.

Hey @mb12142329,

I am not sure about item views, but if those items have buttons you can track the button clicks to understand which items have been viewed. Though I will do some research on your request.

Thanks. Is there any documentation on how to properly configure Google Analytics and/or Tag Manager to do this? I’m new to both and am hoping there’s a straightforward way.

I think I figured it out in case it’s useful for others. If you add SEO Slug and Title fields as described at the link below, then you get results for each item detail page