List details with slider / Need to select a grid view

Hello !

I’m using a list details block, with image slider, for my page Trouvez votre itinéraire - Yaourt nature.
For now, I can only get data from my Airtable base and table.
But I need to be more specific, and select also a grid view in my table.
It’s what you offer with the list block : I choose the base / table / grid view. I don’t understand why it’s not the same for the list details block :slight_smile:
That would enable me to have a single data base instead of multiple ones.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to deep dive into this.


A list detail block’s purpose in life is to display one record at a time. So I’m not sure what adding a grid view selection to a list detail block would accomplish, since it’s all about selecting a set of records. Can you explain what you’re trying to do?

Hi, thanks for your reply @dcoletta !
The goal of my platform is to gather specific routes for different activities (hiking, bikepacking…).
In my Airtable base, I have separate tables, one for each activity, and 1 or 2 fields are slightly different from a table to an other, to make the routes accurate enough.
It would be a lot simpler to have all the tables gathered in one, to make maintenance easier over time, but I can’t, because the List Details block doesn’t allow me to use grid views, I can only use different tables.
Is it clearer ? Do you have another solution in mind ?

Still don’t quite get what you’re trying to do and why it seems like grid view in a list details block would be the answer. But my guess is that you’re hoping to use Grid view with just one row of the table, and that you’re hoping to use Grid view to select a different set of fields to display for that record, depending on which kind of record it is.

If that much is correct, then what I would do if I were you is gather those tables together into one, then design a list details page that incorporates the union of all the fields in both kinds of records. It will leave blank anything that’s missing.

If you need to do what David is saying then you can also have multiple detail pages per category in case you need custom ones then put url as a field into airtable too with formula that concatenates recordId from airtable into the url and then hiking can open own page and bike-packing another one etc…

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Hi, thanks for your help and reactivity !
The simplest for now is to keep separate tables on Airtable and separate List detail pages on Softr. I’ll figure out how to optimize it as it scales. For now I can still handle the amout of data easily.