List Details Blocks Unmaps Datasource

Just found several older versions of ‘List details page with side image’ blocks unmapped from their datasource. Apparently, if you don’t update certain blocks they unmap from Airtable, rendering them broken. Thought I would let everyone know so they are aware and for admin to keep this in mind when they launch new updates. Thanks.

Hey @Ben,

Sorry to hear you have faced this issue. Do you have a test application which you can share with us to check?

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Hi Suzie. Since finding them unmapped, after mapping and configuring them a long while ago, I just updated and remapped those blocks.

I have seen this issue too.

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Thanks David. If users don’t corroborate about bugs, they are less likely to be addressed and apps will continue to break. That helps nobody.

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I will pass this along to QA and tech teams, we’ll try to reproduce it if possible.