List Details and List linking is not working

I’ve tried with several different tables, this seemed to be working on Monday, but has not been working no matter what I’m trying. I have a visible list block pulling from table A and a hidden list details pulling from a different table B. I’m using the condition inside the list block of table A foreign key = primary key on Table B. The page just does not load;

I alternatively tried to pass in the URL parameter in the condition and that just shows no results, despite recHBnNCCGfWlKAoH matching rows in the table.

I am guessing this is an issue with conditions because I’ve built other pages to test this and used various tables and they’re all having the same issue of no results when using URL parameter; recordID and not loading when I try to have it pull from the table referenced in the hidden list details block.

Hey can you pls share few screenshots of your configs ?

Also not sure if you checked this Linked Lists - Softr Docs

I have it setup just as described in the linked list documentation, but it just never loads.

Page display that never loads

Okay, I just recreated a version of this page with the Bridge section visible and it’s working now!

Perfect! You need to have the details page in there even if there is no fields visible. At least that’s how it is currently