List Details Action Button Visibility Permissions

I noticed this morning that the action button visibility permissions on the “List with small cards” block does not appropriately allow further filtering of visibility options based on block visibility selected. It assumes the block level visibility and does not allow further narrowing of permissions specific to the action buttons. Other dynamic list blocks seem to working appropriately without this limitation so my assumption is that this is not intended for this list block.

Hey @RyanRad,

Just to clarify have you added a new block and testing on it? I mean a List block with small cards.

@Suzie Yes - I’ve actually been tinkering around with this more and this what I’ve sorted out so far:

  1. It does affect more list blocks than just the small cards
  2. It only affects top bar action buttons
  3. If you set block visibility to “All Users”, then set user group visibility for the top action button(s), then go back and change block visibility to “Logged In Users” you can then change the scope of the block visibility. What I have no yet confirmed is whether or not its accurately applying block visibility parameters AND action button visibility parameters or whether the block visibility is overriding the narrowed visibility of the action button.

Regardless, I can’t imagine this is intended to function this way as block visibility should share a parent relationship to the action button visibility i.e. if you have action buttons visibility permissions you must have block visibility permissions, but block visibility permissions does not necessitate action button visibility permissions. Currently the visibility hierarchy is Page > Action Button > Block whereas it should be Page > Block > Action Button, with respect to narrowing visibility.

Thanks for all these details @RyanRad, will need to do a few checkups though.

Will keep you posted.