List detail settings

Hi there,

I need your advices for setting up a list details in Softr while using Airtable. To simplify and giving you some contexte I have 4 tables in Airtable :

  • One table for my Softr Users ;
  • One table for the Restaurants ;
  • Another table for the Waiters ;
  • And the last one is for the Restaurants Requests

On softr, I would like to creat a list details based on my Restaurants request data. But, the main problem is that I need to display only the request assigned to each of of my Waiters.

Does anyone have an opinion about it ?

Thank you in advance,


Hey @seren,

Can I please ask you to give some more details on the flow? I need it to provide you more accurate answer :slight_smile:


Hello Suzie,

Yes for sure ! Thanks for your answer.

I want to set up a list of available missions for each of my waiters. Each waiter have its own missions (defined by specific criteria).

I would like all connected waiters to be able to see the missions assigned to them. So I use my mission request table from Airtable as a source of data (to know give more informations about the mission). But, how to display only the mission attributed to a waiter ? Because my waiters are stored in my Users table.

I hope it s clearer …

Thank you !


Hey @seren,

You just need to setup a linked list, you can find more details on how to setup here >