List Buttons - How to add a proper link to the button?

Howdy - in most of the list items/list blocks there is a button, from what I can see this button is only set to one page/url or action for all of the buttons within the cards.

Say I wanted a card that was about Coffee - the button would link to a coffee page.
The next card is about Ice Cream - that button would be linked to an ice cream page.

But if I set the button to coffee, all of the cards are for coffee.

(weird analogy/example I know)

I’ve been messing around with airtable and changing this button but the only thing I can figure out is…nothing. Currently I made a rich text field with a text link which just makes the cards look bad.

Here’s an image to maybe help out.

Anyone who helps gets a free coffee and ice cream. :laughing:

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Hey @Chandlr, if you add a List block and add buttons to it with the action “Open Page” → the page with a List details block, then, all the button clicks will show details on the corresponding listing and will not show the same data for all.

P.S. I love coffee and would not mind drinking it with ice cream :wink:

Thank you for reaching out to us here.

I’m afraid I’m slightly confused by what you are saying, still.

So - instead of using an example, here’s the problem I’m trying to solve. In the screenshot I shared these are a list of directories/tools that our members can use to help them out in their candle making journeys. What I would prefer is the button being visible allowing the user to just click the button and go to the corresponding page for that tool or directory.

On the Features tab for the list - this only allows me to select an action to open a page for the button, but only 1 page - each of these cards go to separate pages and shouldn’t all link to the same page, if that makes sense.

So, if you were a member, Id scroll and say “I want to check out the fragrance directory” and then the pink button will say like “Get started” and you click and boom you’re at the fragrance directory being able to use all our tools/etc.

If you wanted to go to our Chandlr Tools, you’d click the pink button that says “Go to the Tools”

But i’m not finding a way to connect a unique link to those buttons. I’ve tried to do this in Airtable as well but it seems the formula only takes 1 unique URL and applies it to the entire column.

I do hope that is making better sense.

As a note, the screenshot shoes a rich text field with the link to the page/tool/directory that I’d like for them to click on and I have been just hiding the button because I can’t figure out how to link them. But essentially that link needs to be where the button is. :laughing:

@Chandlr I assume links are stored in Airtable for each record right ? then you need to make it open external url and select the airtable field which contains a link

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Artur - you are a gentleman and a scholar.

Not sure why I overlooked the external link actions but I did - you are the best, I don’t care what anyone says. :laughing: