List block "No results found" when published

Hi! I’m having a little issue with a list block that’s pulling info from airtable. Eventhough i can see the data in softr’s platform, when published, the block says:

  • No results found, try adjusting your search and filters. (in reality it displays a custom message in spanish)

The thing is, this is not always the case. It is sometimes shown, sometimes not shown. And the data might have not changed. I usually find that it’s not being shown a day or two from the last time it was working properly.

Here’s the site, just in case someone can help:

And this is the block that should show all the data:

Thanks in advance!


When I open the page I see the list properly loaded, not sure I get when exactly it fails to load

Hey Artur! That’s the thing! it’s kind of random, it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t (in both cases, there’s always data to be shown in Airtable’s view, and it is shown in softr’s backend).

Has anyone had the same issue??

Not really if this happens perhaps you can make a loom video and share ? Unless Airtable went down this should not happen

Ok, when it happens again i will record it. Airtable wasn’t down, it was working properly. So, no idea what was happening there!

Thanks for your help!