List block new record associated to current logged in User

Hi there !

I am quite new to Softr, and my project here is to build an app for my friends and I to manage our game of roles plant inventory. For that, my friends and I each have an account, and the app should only display the list of plants they have in their own inventory. They also have the ability to add a new plant to their bag. My problem is : I can’t figure out how to link the new added plant (added via “add a record” option in the List Block) to their user data in Airtable. Everytime a new plant is created, Airtable maps correctly all the information about the plant but not the owner. I have to manually assign the new created record to their user tag for it to show in their inventory correctly. How can I achieve this automation ?

My temporary solution here is to add a field in the “add a record” modal where they get to choose in which user’s bag they send the new plant, but it doesn’t seem right because they now can add a plant to another user’s inventory.

Thanks for the answers ! :slight_smile:

You are heading in the right direction … take a look here about using a hidden field