Linking items to each other

I have a ton of educational resources that get displayed in a list block, and go on to details etc.

I want each resource to show which other resources it’s connected with (a bit like a suggestion…if you use this, you might also want to use y).

I’m not sure how to go about doing this on the backend, I have an idea, but I don’t know how to make that suggestion as an actual link that would take the user to that other resource (or at least open a modal for them to check it out).

Over to you genius people!

An alternative idea I’ve had is to have a ‘recommendations’ list block in the user’s playlist area.

When they open their playlist that has some resources in, the recommendations block automatically displays other resources that are connected to the ones they have in their playlist.

My head hurts trying to work out how best to do this, as Softr would need to know what other resources are connected to those in the playlist for filtering.

I’ve been wanting to do this as well.

I was thinking to add an alternates column in Airtable and add the alternates using it but it’ll be displayed under the list details which isn’t where I want it to be displayed.

Following for a better solution.

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Hi there, would the linked list help for this case?
Please check out this help doc and tutorial for more details.

@James I actually use a lot of similar function in my nonprofit’s app. We have tons of projects with relationships. For example, a YouTube video project may have two or three linked Graphics projects (thumbnail, social media graphic for posting, endcard etc.) and that same video record may also have several Social Media Post records that go out when the Video is uploaded to YouTube to inform our audience about the new video. When a video editor volunteer looks at the list details page for a YouTube video, I have blocks below the details that show them all the linked Graphics, Social Media Posts etc. etc.

I suspect this same “model” is what you would be needing to do what you envision. Some record connections I’ve done with direct linked fields, others I’ve done with junction tables. Overall, I’m a bigger fan of junction tables, but the user experience is a little sloppy with some Softr functions in its current state. Once action buttons have hidden field capabilities and Softr gives us the ability to filter sync’d look up field options in a drop down field, then the user experience should become extremely clean for creating junctional relationship records (pass the list details record ID as a hidden field) and then filters the drop down selections to only show viable options to the user). All that being said, from a pure data organization perspective, junctional tables for relationships are 100% the way to go and should be the gold standard we build user experiences around.

If you want help with your specific use case, feel free to PM me. Always happy to jump on a zoom and help you work it out.