Linked Field Dropdowns in Update Block

I am loving the new buttons in the inbox block, I have been using the ‘dropdown’ options to sync with a linked field in airtable.

If I understand correctly - there is a plan in the roadmap to include fields in form blocks that allow selecting only linked fields from dropdowns. Will this be included in the ‘update buttons’ actions also?

For example: We have a CRM style application in which users can view projects with us. These projects are owned by a team lead but viewable by the whole team. The team are linked to the team lead in airtable and we would like to give team leads the ability to add or remove team members to projects. Obviously we cannot allow them a dropdown list of every one of our customers as that would be inappropriate - so we would like to use a dropdown of only linked fields to only allow project leads to select users that are linked to them.


Hey @HarwellXPS,

This is one of the features we are planning to have, yes. Unfortunately I cannot mention any timeline on when this will be possible, we need to think of a proper implementation plan first.

Will keep you posted once there is an update :slight_smile:

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