Link to this community

Just curious. Does everyone still have a link to this community from their studio? If not, how are you accessing it other than from previous email updates?

Hey @Ben,

The link is not available in the Softr Studio currently, you can just add it as a bookmark in your browser for now or you can also join Softr Community.

Let me know if you have more questions.

@Suzie The question is why though…

I feel like the user community engagement has to be channeled wisely. Currently there’s a Slack, there talk about a Twitter community, there’s unlock-softr (which is great), there’s this forum. And while they do serve slightly different needs, maybe all this positive energy could be better consolidated for critical mass maybe?

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Indeed, we think of a way to improve this and find a solution that will be more comfortable for users.


Thanks Suzie, already bookmarked. “… or join Softr Community”? I’m not sure what your referring to. Aren’t we already in the "Softr Community?
I don’t want to assume too much, but if there’s no link from anywhere else, how are new Softr users going to find this community? Were you referring to the Slack community?

Dear @Ben,

Yes, I was referring to Slack Community, here is the link to join >

First of, thanks for the mention of ! :smiley:

I agree that Slack is not a proper community support channel, it’s great for talking and sharing stuff, not for helping people out. This Discourse should be at the center of everything, just like webflow, parabola, make, etc. have chosen to do.

The loss of time repeating the same thing on Slack is tremendous.
Here, you can just go topic by topic and provide solutions.

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Indeed, @Joachim, we agree.

We are thinking of it, it is in our plans :slight_smile: