Limits for Custom domain vs. Subdomain on

Hi -
Questions: Are all plans unlimited for subdomains on I think we can customize the subdomain part of the url?
In the features table, there are limits on “custom domain”, which I think refers to something like “mycompany dot com”. I’m still working on my own project, but Softr might be an option for one of my clients’ needs. I need to check with them if they want me to create an app under a new account in their name, or if they don’t want to deal with it and would rather I just create it (in my (free) account). It would be relatively quick and simple (I think!), and for a short term need. Just want to be sure I’m not giving away my 1 free custom domain if I offer to do this.

Hi @Diana

Yes you can have as many as you need apps and they all come with own [you-name-it] domains