Limit video duration on item details page?

Hi everyone – In a list details page with a video, is there a way to somehow limit the duration of a video? For instance either by allowing users to only upload a video that’s max X seconds, or by forcing the video player to only play the first X seconds of the video.

And a follow-up question to that: If that ^ is possible, is it also possible to set different durations for different user groups? I.e. if I’m in “user group 1”, the video on my profile page/item details page can only be uploaded/play for 5 seconds. But if I’m in “user group 2”, the video can be uploaded/play for 15 seconds.

Hey, currently we do not have such a feature natively added to our app but I will add your message to our feature requests list.

Meanwhile, all the video changes should be done in your data source before showing them in your app. For instance, if you have a video that should be playing only 5 secs instead of 20, then, you need to cut it and upload the 5-sec video to your data source before showing it in your app.

Understood, thank you! And thanks for the suggestion; I’ll look into that.

If anyone who sees this has any thoughts on how to automate Marine’s suggestion, that’d be super appreciated! I.e. once a video has been uploaded into a data source (airtable/gsheets) → cut it down to the first X seconds (e.g. only the first 10 seconds) → add it back to the data source.