Limit Signups to Select People During Beta Launch of App

I’m getting ready to launch my app, and would like to do a public beta with limited sign ups were users cannot sign up unless invited to control my scale/ramp up.

I know that I can allow unlimited sign ups and use user groups to limit the visibility of pages to approved users only - but are there any solutions in Softr to only allow sign ups by select users?

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Hi again,

Just an advice = limiting the number of signed up users is not what you should do.
Impeaching people to signup = not taking their email to re-engage later through marketing
campaign => huge mistake.

Let them sign up, select some of them and display a waiting list page for those who are not selected.

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Absolutely, I agree 100%.

I was planning on sending out a short survey (to ensure I’m collecting email address) to those interested in beta testing and selecting from that list so I get a wide range of users.