Limit options in add form drop down

I have a table for TASKS that relates to COMPANIES and PEOPLE . Open tasks are shown on a company detail page with the person linked as assignee. All good so far. Works a charm.

When I add a task I need to be able to pick an assignee. That assignee should only be from the current company. I expected to see a filter option on the select, but there is none. How are other people achieving this?

Hi @hiyakker.

There is currently no built-in functionality to apply conditional logic to dropdown fields. This feature request is in our backlog and will become available in the future. In the meantime, I can suggest the following workaround.

If you use linked records for your dropdown buttons and limit the linked records based on the view in Airtable, Softr will display only the options available in the limited Airtable view.

You will need to:

  1. Create different views in Airtable for the original table used for the linked records and filter those views based on user groups.

    • For example, if you have Company 1 that should only see options 1 and 2, and Company 2 who should only see options 3 and 4, create one view for Company 1 and filter the data based on their user info. Then create another view for Company 2 and filter the data accordingly. Each view will display only the options related to the corresponding user.
  2. Create new linked fields for each view in the table where you want the end users to edit them.

  3. Create corresponding user groups in Softr (Company 1, Company 2, ets.) and set up blocks with Action buttons with corresponding visibility settings. This way, Company 1 will see only Action button 1 which is connected to the view where the data is already filtered.

As a result, when editing, each user group will be able to see only the options available to them in the limited view.

I hope this explanation makes sense and proves helpful.

Oh, wow. That’s quite an omission. Is this on the roadmap yet, it seems like essential functionality?

That workaround unfortunately makes softr rather redundant. If airtable needs to be used for day to day activities it undermines the whole value-prop or building out in softr.

Is there way to automate the airtable view creation maybe? This can’t be an uncommon need.