Limit form submissions based on time period

Kind of a continuation from my previous post. I’m almost finished but I would like to implement some security measures into my app so users can’t abuse it and maybe also get a way to display stats on a user basis.
My app works off of a softr form. It’s allows users to send a pre written message to customers via SMS. I have it setup through zapier but will move it to Make. It sends the SMS through twilio using variables from the form. So essentially all users are using one form and each sms is customized based on hidden field variables that I map in Make/Zapier.

Is there a way I can limit submissions based on each user or even keep track on how much SMS a user has sent? Since I’m using the send to make/zapier option the data is sent straight to Zapier. All users are under one “zap” and share a toll free number from twilio.

Ideally I would like to limit submission based on a time frame since I’d like to offer a credit limit plan. X amount of requests per month. This is so that users don’t go over the limit

Hey @monocode,

Have you checked the option A logged-in user can only submit once ?

This allows a logged in user submit the form only once and he/she will not be possible to submit it for the second time.

I assume this option can help you, let me know if it’s helpful.

Hi, In this case this wouldn’t work. I would like the logged in user to submit more than once. So what the form in my app does is sends review requests to the person filled out in the form. So in this case my app allows 500 review requests per month. So i need to a way to limit logged in user to 500 submission per x time. I’ve attached below a photo of a form builder (123formbuilder) that has this feature.

Since softr already has A logged-in user can only submit once feature. I’m guessing the framework is already there to add a “limit form submission feature”. I will make a request in the feature request.

Hey @monocode,

It’s a feature request, I will add it surely. Yes, it’s not supported yet :slight_smile:

Hey, yea I made the request. Could it be possible for me to be notified if you guys launch this feature. Thanks!

I will save the community thread and will keep you posted once it’s released.

Great! Thank you.