Limit form Submission for Logged in User

A feature to limit form submissions based on logged in user and time frame. This could be similar to the “A logged-in user can only submit once” feature that already exists. This new feature would be something like this.
“A logged-in user can only submit {X} amount of submissions per {day/month/year}”.

Use Case: Business sells graphic design services to clients (logged in user) on a monthly contract. Example, “Pay $250per month and request 10 projects every month”. With this feature Business would be able to set the limit “a logged in user can only submit 10 form submission per month.”

This was clients can’t over requests and can continue sending the next month.

Hey @monocode, thank you very much for sharing your suggestion and use case with us. I added it to our feature requests list to consider when planning further form updates. Indeed, I agree with you, that this feature will help to track how many submissions are sent by each logged-in user per specific time period if the “A logged-in user can only submit once” feature is not enabled.

Thank you, will look foward to it. It would make me able to completely finish the project I’m working on.

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