Limit file upload to 1 at the time

is it possible to limit the file upload functionality in a form to 1 at the time?

Hey @metafred,

Unfortunately it’s not possible, it’s a feature request.

However, we launched a new option which allows a user submitting a form only once. What if you add a file field and enable the option, in this case a user will be able to upload only one file :slight_smile:

Please note that you should have a List details block on the page to be able to see the option.


Thank you for your input @Suzie

Concerning that new feature, with my current form, a user can send several files in one submission, so i don’t think that technique will work. Unless i didn’t get it well

Lastly, i need my user to be able to use the form several time in a row. Each time they should send one image and one text content. And they could repeat that as much as they want.

Hey @metafred,

You’ll need to click on a list item and pass the record to your list detail page URL. Once you’ve done that, submit the form and you should see that the submit button becomes disabled.

Here’s why: the system recognizes the record ID associated with the form submission, and won’t allow the same user to submit the form with that same record ID twice.

Regarding the option you have mentioned, it’s a feature request for now, I just mentioned a possible workaround.

Will pass your request to the team.