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Hello, right now i’m using to develop a legal case manager platform for a client, using the legal case manager template. My questions are: This template is safe for clients who are constantly logging in and downloading documents? How do I add more power or storage space if documents are being uploaded to more than 100 cases, each case with many daily documents. Does the platform automatically take care of that or is there a tutorial I can follow?

Thanks for the help

Hi @mauriciosaurith, thank you for reaching out.

I assume the documents will be uploaded via the Form block. In the form block, you have several destination options:

  • Send data to your data source
  • Add to Mailchimp
  • Add to Mailerlite
  • Send to Zapier
  • Send to Make
  • Forward to your email.

When sending data to your data source, files will be uploaded, and they will occupy space within your data source allowance. For instance, if you are on the Airtable Free plan with a 1 GB storage limit, the uploaded files will count towards this allowance.

If you prefer not to have the files take up space in your base, you can use the following workaround. After the data is received in your base, use Make to send the files to Dropbox or Google Drive and store the file URL in your app. This way, when the record is created, the automation triggers the file to be sent to Dropbox. Another module creates the shareable URL, and the last module sends the URL to Airtable. I hope this solution aligns with your use-case. Please check the screenshots below for reference. Please let us know if you’ll have more questions.

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