Launching a new concept of Recruitment Platform

Hi Softers !

I’m proud to announce I’ve built a recruitment platform that highlights the portfolio of Achievements of Talents to solve the lack of relevance of traditional hiring documents (CVs for instance).

There is an interface for non-logged-in users, for registered Talents and 2 versions for Recruiters depending on the plan they’ve chosen ! Pretty complex but had a great time building it.

I’m going public this week to try to get some traction :wink:

Happy to get some feedback from you guys :eyes:


Hey @guillaume.duv,

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Very nice one :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for the support Suzie & CS team !!
Looking forward to see Softr HR team create the company’s page and share job offers :wink:

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Ahah smart guy … for smart growth :smirk: