Launching a new concept of Recruitment Platform

Hi Softers !

I’m proud to announce I’ve built a recruitment platform that highlights the portfolio of Achievements of Talents to solve the lack of relevance of traditional hiring documents (CVs for instance).

There is an interface for non-logged-in users, for registered Talents and 2 versions for Recruiters depending on the plan they’ve chosen ! Pretty complex but had a great time building it.

I’m going public this week to try to get some traction :wink:

Happy to get some feedback from you guys :eyes:


Hey @guillaume.duv,

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Very nice one :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for the support Suzie & CS team !!
Looking forward to see Softr HR team create the company’s page and share job offers :wink:

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Ahah smart guy … for smart growth :smirk:


What do I need to do to get a copy. Wanted to do this exact thing for Skilled Trades in US

Congrats! Great landing page design!

How did you get the rounded edges around your “thousands of people”, “everything counts” and CTA blocks? are they just background images? is it custom code, or am I missing something in softr?

Thanks a lot!!

The block for “thousands of people” is a “Call to action with a button” where I custom the container.
For “Everything counts”, it’s a “Feature with horizontal tabs” where I custom the container for each tab.


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Thanks guillaume!. Do you mind sharing that custom code?

Hi Steven, it’s not a custom code but I changed the design of the Container of the block. You can pick a colour, change the borders etc :slight_smile: