Language Switcher of the website

Hello, I hope you are doing well, I am new to the community and I just started using softr to creat a website for my company , and I have a question, and I would be grateful if you’ll help.
Well I have my website in French but I don’t know if there is a way to have a language switcher so as to have it in both French and English.
Thank you in advance for your help !!


This is the only solution available: Translate a Softr website - Weglot

Thank you so much!!!

Dear Matthieu, I have a published application. I inserted Weglot’s JS code snippet, however, the pages are translated only partially in whatever language I try. What could be the reason? I am on softr’s domain, not on the domain of the actual website.

Hi Alexis,

You need to check this with the Weglot customer service.

Most of the time, if Weglot doesn’t catch the content to translate => you need to use the custom HTML selector tool to translate what is not translated, in the Weglot dashboard.

But this is mainly a work for the Weglot customer service.

I think I found another solution with Localize JS (, works quite well with SOFTR

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Thanks for sharing @Alexis, this is something new for me, I will have a look :slight_smile:

is the language switcher need a custom code ?

Yes, it will need a js snippet to be copy pasted in the app settings => custom code => header.

Thank you, had a short moment of happiness about finding an alternative to Weglot. Unfortunately they have prohibitive pricing, at least for my usual projects. Won’t pay $275 per month for a basic translation solution.

Yep, we needed just for +1 more language (Estonian), but if 3-4 languages are needed then it becomes more expensive. But UX / UI is OK. Maybe other solutions exist as well, this is just 1 I found in a day of Googling.