Kanban block suddenly not displaying some data

As the title says, my kanban was showing all of my data, but now is only showing data in the 4th of 4 columns (which corresponds to an Airtable single select field. I tried pointing the kanban to an Airtable view with that field filtered to only show the missing data and the result is no data. This seemed to be working fine before and I have a nearly duplicate kanban block on another page which the same behavior. Help appreciated!

Update: I think the kanban has some phantom columns that I can’t delete. Any suggestions?

Update 2: THANK YOU to @Marine.Hovhannisyan for helping me via chat. I’m not sure what went wrong but we pointed it to other fields and then changed it back and that cleared the error. Not ideal for it to have broken, seemingly without an input from me, but it’s working now so that’s the important thing!

Hey @mb12142329, you are always welcome :heart: