Job Alert Emails

My site has a job board, and users are able to sign up for notifications. They can choose notification frequency (daily, weekly), as well as the specific role they would like to receive (e.g. engineering, design).

I’m sure there are a couple of ways to do this: 1) Airtable automation via gmail, 2) make/zapier and a newsletter tool.

Has anyone done this before and has recommendations?

What’ I’m struggle with is the complexity of emails users might receive. E.g. if they want Engineering AND Product AND Design, I need some way to send records dynamically based on the options they have chosen.

(I could make it easier to begin and only give folks opt-in to one job category, but I’m curious if someone has solved this in an elegant way).

This is very do-able using a single Airtable automation and dynamic/conditional options for both filtering send-to addresses by preferences, and content of subject/body.

Have a play about in Airtable, and check-out their online guides/videos/forums to help you through the process. I’ve learned all I know (just enough!) the same way.