Javascript error map block

Hi all,

A student implemented a map block on their page, but gets this error below. We can’t figure it out now. Does anyone has experience with this?

Hard to say without more info. Can you please post:

  • how you have the block configured in Softr
  • how you have the table configured in Airtable
  • what’s in the javascript console?

I’m seeing “api not activated” in the JavaScript console. Did you set up the Google Maps integration in the site settings?

Check out this page for more info on troubleshooting the api not activated error.

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Thanks David. We’re going to look into this tomorrow.

I’m not familiar with the Javascript console, but will walk all the settings through with him then and reach out again if we can’t figure it out.

His map is up and running now, thanks David :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank David and Harold!

The map’s there, yeah!