Iubenda script breaks logo in header

When I include a free iubenda script for a cookie alert the header logo breaks (the alt-text is displayed).
Deleting the script results in the logo returning :slight_smile:

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Hi @shotleybuilder we already had such reports earlier and the reason why it blocks the images is the wrong configuration in Iubenda. So please, contact their support to help you.

@Maria thanks for the reply. I did search before posting and couldn’t find anything that referenced this behaviour.
Does softr use any cookies as standard? I’m not planning on using any tools that do. If you guys don’t then I can simply skip this step.

Hi @shotleybuilder May I kindly ask you to try going to Iubenda’s settings and deactivate the Autoblocking and set to Manual, click on the settings and within the ‘autoblocking’ menu, you choose ‘manual’. Please re-embed the entire Cookie Solution script to Softr again, This does mean that you’ll have to manually tag scripts you’d need to prior-block, for guidance you can click here: Prior Blocking of Cookies: Manual Tagging (with Practical Examples)


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Hi @Andranik. Thanks for your post. I am having the same issue. I looked up the instruction. But woow, this is so far from a no-code experience as I can gets…Any other option? Since this is the only cookie extension offered and the code block (to another cookie banner) is only for $ this I quite frustrating. Thanks for any help.

Hey @CCK Thanks a lot for reaching out, Is your issue with the header logo too?
Can you please try adding this script into your app’s custom code header section?

<script data-cmp-ab="1">
 window.cmp_block_ignoredomains=["cdn.iubenda.com","www.iubenda.com","hits-i.iubenda.com", "softr-prod.imgix.net"];

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi @Andranik Thanks for your reply. Yes, it´s for logo (image) in the header as well all other images on the page. But custom code blocks are only available in the paid-tiers of Softr, right?

Hey @CCK , yes the custom code feature is available on the Basic plan and up.