Item On Click to set page level record ID

Hi Softr crew. I have a challenge, which I’m currently working around.

I’d like a user to be able to select an item from a dynamic list block, which then sets the conditional filter for all other blocks on the page. I can do this moving from one page the next, but can’t find a way to do this all within a single page.

So, for example, we have a list of clients in a table (or any kind of dynamic list). The user clicks the client they’re responsible for. The other 20 block on the page then filter based on that client selection.

Is there any way to do this?

Thanks, Nik

Atm I do this by opening an item details page. The problem here is I then have an item details page with, say, 20 blocks of information on it, and I can’t create a header (because we don’t have dynamic headers) to allow a user to navigate to different areas on a very long page.

Hi there. Sorry for the late reply.

There is no option to have the setup you want on the same page. However, I can offer a workaround to allow your users to easily navigate across the list details page.

Please add a static block, like CTA, and put an action button on it. Set the “scroll to section” action on the buttons. Then, select the page and the block where you want to have your users scroll to upon clicking on that button. Please check the screenshot below for reference.