Item on Click - Dynamically Update List and Go to Page

This is a feature request to make marketplaces more powerful by opening pages that relate to certain categories of products.

The feature consists of three parts: an updated “Features > Item on Click > Action” with user field updates, multiple click actions, and an updated “Data > Conditional Filter” for lists.

  1. For part one, “Features > Item on Click > Action”, there should be an option to select a dynamic value, where you choose to change a User field value, for example Category, based on the list item (Category) that the person selects. This would update the value for the logged in user or guest.

  2. For part two, a second action has to be added for the user to go to a page with a dynamically filtered list.

  3. For part three, “Data > Conditional Filter”, the list needs to be filtered by a dynamic value in the User fields. If the user field for Category is currently set to Food, then the list is filtered by Category=Food. I noticed that this filter is not yet working for static values either.