Issues with Sidebar feature

Having some unexpected issues with the sidebar/sidenav.

The round user profile icon sticks to the top right, instead of (as I would expect) appearing down at the bottom. Any ideas how I can fix this?

This is not an issue nor a bug, this is the current design of the profile button with vertical headers.
Though this is a feature request : ability to make it top or bottom @artur . It used to be at the bottom, months ago, which was good too (even better, many people expect it to be at the bottom)

Ok, thanks for letting me know. Will have to remove it for now, it’s pretty jarring visually to have it up there. (Good feature overall though, looking forward to having it more customizable).

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Hey @gyerxa,

As @matthieu_chateau mentioned this is not an issue, we have done some design changes and now this is the place the icon should appear.

I will discuss this with the team to see if we are going to change this in the future or give an option to change it :slight_smile: