Issues with mapping the field type between softr and airtable

Hi, I expect this is a very basic features but I am unable to get it right, how do you map the field type if the airtable type is, “Number”, “Currency”, “Single select”, and “Multiple select”? Thanks! And when using List Detail edit button, is it possible to configure some field are not subject to edit or I have to separate two list, one can edit and one cant?

Hi @randow If I get it right, you are wondering what fields you need to map to your Airtable currency, number, single select, and multi-select fields on action buttons. If so then, your number and currency fields should both be mapped to the Number type of field and single-select and multi-select fields to dropdown type of field on your dynamic block. When adding Update Record action button you can choose which fields you want to make editable and additionally you can decide which users can edit.

Thanks! Solved my question!

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