Issue with Weglot translation on dynamic table and action buttons in Softr app

Hello Softr Community,

I’m currently experiencing an issue with the Weglot translation service on my Softr app. I’ve integrated Weglot to translate my app, but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t translate the dynamic table and the action buttons on it. When using the Weglot visual editor and accessing the page with the table, I don’t see the table and receive an error message from Softr: “Something went wrong! Failed to get records.”

I’m reaching out to the community to see if anyone else has encountered a similar issue and might have some insights or suggestions on how to resolve this problem. Are there any known compatibility issues between Softr and Weglot, or does anyone have experience with another translation service that works well with Softr?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Hello @Adprime,

When using Weglot it’s not possible to have the translations of the dynamic content by default.

But there is a way to complete the setup :slight_smile:

Please check this article > How to translate dynamic content? - Help Center


Hi @Suzie

I tried this but still I cannot see the table. I’m also not sure which class ID is the right one to choose from the table. There are several class IDs and I added few of them. Can you tell me which one is correct?

Hey! Had a similar question a while ago. I added the class name for the whole dynamic block so in the image below, I added “.block-3c4a865d-f2b1-4b37-ac57-103aea97886e”. Hope this helps!

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@Adprime If it works with block level selector then I would go with what @Fizzle suggests.

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Amazing! It’s working. Thanks so much :star_struck: