Issue with Softr and Airtable - Updating User Creation Steps With "Hidden" Input

Hi dear Softr community :wave:t2:,

I’m encountering a problem while using Softr and Airtable, and I’m seeking assistance from the community to find a solution. Here’s the issue I’m facing:

In Airtable, I have a table called “User_Profiles”. Due to the extensive amount of information required to create a user profile, I have divided the Softr form into four “Customizable forms”. Each form corresponds to a specific step, and when submitted, it passes a hidden input indicating the completed step (Map to: “User_Creation_Step_Completed” = “1”, then “2”, “3”, and finally “4”).

The problem arises when each form is submitted because it creates a new record. For instance, upon completing the first form, a new record is created with “User_Creation_Step_Completed” = “1”. However, when the second form is completed, instead of updating the previously created record with “User_Creation_Step_Completed” = “1” → “2”, it creates a new record with “User_Creation_Step_Completed” = “2”. This pattern continues for each subsequent form, creating new records rather than updating the existing ones.

The crucial aspect is that each “User_Profile” is linked to another table containing a unique “User_ID.” Ideally, I would like to update the “User_Creation_Step_Completed” value (“1” → “2” → “3” → “4”) of the record linked to a particular “User_ID” instead of creating new records for each form submission.

Here’s an example of the current situation:

  • Record #01: “User_ID” = 12345; “User_Creation_Step_Completed” = 1
  • Record #02: “User_ID” = 12345; “User_Creation_Step_Completed” = 2
  • Record #03: “User_ID” = 12345; “User_Creation_Step_Completed” = 3
  • Record #04: “User_ID” = 12345; “User_Creation_Step_Completed” = 4

Could you please advise me on how to ensure that the “User_Creation_Step_Completed” for a specific “User_ID” gets updated correctly? I would like to achieve the following:

  • Record #01: “User_ID” = 12345; “User_Creation_Step_Completed” = 1 → 2 → 3 → 4

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. I’m looking forward to your valuable suggestions and insights :slight_smile:


Hi @Yann, the thing is that our form blocks are designed to add a new row to the database each time it is submitted. You will not be able to edit the existing data in your database using the form block. Instead, we added the action buttons using which you can update the existing data. However, as I understand from your use case, you need to use the form blocks.

I think you can overcome this situation by using Airtable’s formula to group the 4 submissions using the same code/tag when all the submitted records have the same UserID (but still, you will have 4 rows in your data source for the same record).