Issue with photos on Iphone

Hello, I have a site under development:

its objective is to provide users with photo galleries (in detail list mode) so that they can capture the one they like.
The problem is that capture by ‘right click’ works on PC, but in responsive on smartphone (Iphone in particular), it is impossible for the user whether by “touch”, “double-touch” or other, to recover the Photo.
However, on the smartphone, I as a user can retrieve photos from Facebook or Instagram, so there must be a way?

If you want to try the site to understand the problem, without have to create a user profile,
I created a temporary one with the login and the password Youpla28 that you can use
please, don’t look at the look of the site, it’s horrible, it’s temporary

Thank you very much, I’m really stuck on this. Good night !

Hey @JB28,

Thanks for sharing the details and providing the user. I will look into it and will keep you posted.

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I did control on an android smartphone, and it works… it seems that it doesn’t work only on iPhone, either with Safari or with Chrome. Perhaps it can exist a plug in which can fix the problem ? Thank you for having a look

I found that on an iPhone, when on a list detail with a gallery, I was able to tap-and-hold a photo, then drag it to the URL bar, and that displayed a new page with just the photo on it. From there I was able to tap-and-hold to get the menu with the “Save to Photos” choice.

That’s probably too hard to explain to users, though.

But I’m pretty sure that the problem here is that the JavaScript that operates the photo gallery is explicitly preventing the standard menu from coming up. If that’s true, then perhaps Softr would be able to add this functionality.

Thank you - dcoletta - for your comment. Indeed it is a very complicated maneuver, and yes, softr probably has the solution, we will stay tuned and see what they can offer.