Issue with Edit button placed below tag element on list of cards (List block with tags)


As the title of the topic says, the edit option (pen icon) for my users is placed below the tag element of the card, as you can see in the image below.

Issue edit option on card

Then, it is very tricky for users to notice this option in the first place. Although, it can still be clicked and used if you notice it.
Probably could be fixed by adjusting the Z-index option of the tag or the edit icon.

Also, adding a page or block refresh after each edit could be very nice for the User Experience.

Hey @Julien,

Can I please ask you to share the URL for me to test this on my end?

Hi Suzie,

Thanks for your reply.
Try using this dummy student profile here:

Then click on “Mes Rendus” section on the nav bar and try to use the edit option on the card.

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